Gridwatch (Ontario Edition)

Gridwatch (Ontario Edition)

Gridwatch shows you where Ontario's electricity comes from, when it's clean and when it's not.

Gridwatch (Ontario Edition)

Gridwatch shows you where Ontario's electricity comes from,
when the grid is clean and when it's not.

Gridwatch Ontario Edition


Power & Demand

Track Ontario’s electricity grid hour-by-hour and plant-by-plant using the most current, trustworthy data.

Power and Demand

Emissions & Intensity

See the total carbon emissions and carbon intensity of Ontario's electricity grid.

Emissions and Intensity

Power Plant Details

Gridwatch not only breaks down total generation by fuel type but also by individual power plant.

Power Plant Details

Maps & Trends

View all power plant locations colour coded by fuel type on an interactive map of Ontario. Track both power and emissions trends for the current day along with Ontario's Time-Of-Use schedule.

Maps and Trends



What devices does Gridwatch work on?

Gridwatch (iOS version) is Universal and made to work on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Gridwatch version 2.0.0+ supports all iOS devices running iOS 9+ as a Universal App.

What about Android, Blackberry, Windows & Desktop versions of the app?

The WebApp version of Gridwatch went live March 28, 2014 and supports Smartphones/Tablets/Desktops including iOS/Android/Blackberry/Windows. Desktop browsers supported Mac(Safari, Chrome, FireFox) and PC (IE8,9,10,11/Chrome). Make sure to bookmark it! Gridwatch WebApp

Where can I find help for Gridwatch?

Find information about the app, features and data sources in the Help & How To section from the main menu. Send us a note with any issues, suggestions or feedback at

Does Gridwatch work outside of Ontario?

The app works anywhere however, Gridwatch was designed specifically for the Ontario market and reports all data in Eastern Time.

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iOS 9+ Users - Current Version 2.3.0

The current version available on the App Store is 2.3.0 released November, 2018. You can find the version you have installed by opening the app and select the 'about Gridwatch' section from the menu. The installed version is listed under 'version' in that section.

WebApp - Version 2.3.0

The current version live on the Web is 2.3.0 - released November, 2018.

Have questions about Gridwatch, feedback or suggestions? We love hearing from users! Drop us a line and be sure to include your mobile device model in the message.

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